Story Exploration: The Hive

Following on the heels of yesterday’s fabulous talk with John Otte, today I’m going to be giving you my thoughts on The Hive!

This was my most anticipated book of the year. And that is saying something ’cause let me tell ya, there have been some amazing books to come out/I’ve finally gotten my hands on.  It all began one fateful day when I opened Enclave Publishing’s e-mail announcing their fall releases. As soon as my gaze fell on The Hive, my jaw dropped and I got goosebumps. At that moment I knew I had to read this book. I knew nothing of the plot, the age range, or even the author at that point (Okay, yes, I knew who John Otte was, I just hadn’t read any of his works yet).  There have only been two books that have affected me in this way, and that’s this one and Amish Vampires in Space (Which we will talk about later 😉 )

A few months passed, and then at the Realm Makers conference I had a blast fangirling over the cover with Steve Laube. In fact most of my appointment with him was spent in this way, and along with it came a sneak peek at the back cover copy! In that moment, I was more sold than ever.

So imagine the speed with which I signed up when John announced the launch team! A chance to read it early AND proclaim it to the world? Heck yeah!

And then, finally, it was time to read.

Two days later I had consumed the entire book.

Wow. Just wow.  This story was fantastic and it did not disappoint me. The characters were unique, real, and relatable. The plot was well crafted, executed, and held interest throughout. The biggest complaint that I had was that the world seemed vague to me, like I was missing a little piece of something that would make it all become clearer. Turns out The Hive is a sequel to Numb – a fact I didn’t realize until a couple weeks ago 😛  But don’t let that deter you from reading! The Hive stands on it’s own just fine.

So what’s the story all about?

A cyborg, recently cut off from her people, the Hive, discovers that she is pregnant. Convinced it must be a rare mistake on her people’s part, she locates a remnant of the child order file that contains one name: Scorn. Desperate to make her way back to the Hive, she sets off to find Scorn in hopes that they can take her back and make things right.

A teenage master hacker is trying to leave behind his messy past mistakes. But when a knock out gorgeous cyborg girl lands on his doorstep claiming she’s carrying his child, his past catches up with him.

Together, the two have to navigate their way through the dangerous territories of space, all the while being hunted in all directions for the life the cyborg holds. Everyone is clamoring to get the baby first. But… why?

Want to know more? Pre-order your copy now!



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