Story, Emotions, and Weirdness

I had a plan for this blog. I think it’s still here somewhere, but a large chunk of it has completely crumbled. That chunk is reviewing or “exploring” the stories that I read and watch. Several unpublished Story Exploration posts sit in my dash staring at me with dull eyes.

Because that is what they are. Dull.

I’ve figured out that writing reviews simply isn’t my thing. Not the way everyone else does it. But I still haven’t quite figured out how I do it.

You see, even though I know the mechanics of story and how it works and what makes it work, when I approach a story as a reader/viewer, I don’t so much come away with “Oh my gosh this plot who didn’t work because xyz” I come away with “This story made me feel and had meaning to me because abc but lacked meaning here at xyz”  I know why, but trying to convey that to an audience doesn’t work, because I am an emotionally driven individual.

So when visiting The Storytopian, Story Exploration posts may not always be that great. Sometimes they may very well be just me rambling about the book without saying much. But I am going to try to streamline for you my feelings, what triggered those feelings, and why I think the book is worth reading.

It may be kind of weird.

But this is who I am. That weirdness is just part of me.


2 thoughts on “Story, Emotions, and Weirdness

  1. Emilyn Kleefeld says:

    This makes me think of my own blog. I feel like others are better at writing blog posts than I am because I ramble and my book reviews aren’t always even structured in the same way, etc.
    You’ve got your own style and we appreciate you for it because it’s you. I’ve read your long posts on thoughts about Doctor Who and those thoughts are actually meaningful to me even though they aren’t usually about the structure of a story so much as the emotion and meaning of a story. And there’s a need for that too.
    Just my thoughts. 🙂

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