My Top Story Picks for Halloween

It’s coming. Costumes, bowls full of sugar, and (if you are like me) hiding out in your house spending time in a great Halloween story.

A lot of us have our go-to spooky tails, but what if you don’t? Here are my top picks for movies and books for this weekend.

NUMBER 5: Harry Potter

Whether the movies or the books, adventures in Hogwarts make for a lovely selection for your end of October reading/watching pleasure.

NUMBER 4: Blood for Blood 

As talked about last week, Blood for Blood is a fantastic novel that addresses the question: Can a vampire be saved?  A great tale to hide out with that isn’t too far into the spooky realm.

NUMBER 3: Amish Vampires in Space

Amish Vampires in Space. Need I say more?

Yeah I will say more because this book is absolutely awesome and if you like sci-fi you should totally go get it and read it. Really. Do it. Then get the sequel Amish Zombies from Space and read it.

NUMBER 2: The Birds

Ah yes. The movie my mother cannot stand and my sister has sworn not to watch again.  One of Hitchcock’s finest if you ask me. So great there’s even a Barbie doll for it. You think I’m kidding?

Not kidding.

There is really only one other movie that I can say tops The Birds for perfect Halloween night viewing, and it is the one I watch every year. Presenting my top pick…

NUMBER 1: Arsenic and Old Lace

I. Love. This. Movie.

I cannot tell you how much I love this movie.

Yes, I am a strange person.

Some people may say:

But I simply say:

Do you have stories you go to during Halloween? 




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