A Look at the Bookshelf Part 1

Greetings everyone! I’m glad to be back with you all today after an absolutely glorious week in Florida for Thanksgiving! I hope you all had as blessed a holiday as I did.


Here, have a glorious sunrise 😀

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I love books. A lot. And so does my family. Behold, our two largest bookshelves:


I thought it might be fun to give you all a peek at my personal bookshelves in my room along with the contents thereof. Because even my shelves tell stories 🙂 If you see a volume you’re curious about, let me know and I’ll do a post about it!

Today we are going to be starting off with my Christian Fantasy shelf.

Number of books from this shelf that are unread: 21

Number of read: 11

Favorite book on the shelf: Hmm… Okay this is actually really tough. I’m going to say Eye of the Oracle because it meant a lot to me at the time I read it. But Runt the Brave is a close second, if not a tie. But if it is possible to have a favorite unread book, then Robert Treskilard’s Merlin’s Blade and Merlin’s Shadow win the prize. Or maybe Embers by Ronnie Kendig…

Which book from the shelf will be read before the others? House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo – I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!

Have you read any of these books before? Which was your favorite? Which book do you think I should read next? 


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