A Look at the Bookshelf Part 2

Welcome back to A Look at the Bookshelf! Today we’re exploring my “Margaret Peterson Haddix +” shelf.

As you can see, I’m a large Haddix fan 😀

Number of books on this shelf that are unread: 15

Number of read books: 4

Now, that looks really pathetic after stating that I’m a Haddix fan – but I’ve read some that I don’t own, and there’s a reason for so many unread. I wanted to wait to read the whole Shadow Children series until I owned them all (ONE MORE TO FIND), and same with The Missing series. And the three non Haddix books are all semi sort of new enough to justify not having read them yet.)

Favorite book on this shelf: Palace of Mirrors hands down. I LOVED this book so much. It was fun, adventurous, romantic, and unique. I highly recommend it!

Which book on the shelf will be read before the others? Interestingly enough, not a Margaret Peterson Haddix book. I’m going for The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls because it has intrigued me.

Have you read any books by Margaret Peterson Haddix? What was your favorite? 


One thought on “A Look at the Bookshelf Part 2

  1. R.G. Nairam says:

    I was given the first four Shadow Children books in a boxset (probably partially because of the main character with the last name Garner), so before some of the others had come out. I remember waiting for the last one in particular to be out long enough to make it into the library! I loved them and re-read them multiple times. I even re-read them last August and still enjoyed them. Not high literature, but compelling stuff, and some really interesting themes, if only lightly explored.

    I tried the Missing series but was meh on it. I also read her Cinderella book and was also meh on it. I’ve also read a couple others, but none of them interested me the same way? I don’t know if they’re actually any worse than the Shadow Children books or if it’s simply because I grew up with that series and so it also has nostalgia pull. But I generally leave myself at a Shadow Children fan, not a Haddix one. (sadly!)


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