True Gems: Rooftoppers

There are times when the world needs a story that is simple, rich, wonderous, and happy. A book that takes you into the mind of a child, and shares the world with you in a whole new light.

Enter, Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell.


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After falling head over heels for Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms, I sought out Rundell’s other works. And I was not disappointed.

Rooftoppers offers a story that is full of love, charm, adventure, and the kind of feeling you get when eating a warm, sweet, sticky cinnamon roll. And that is honestly the best way to describe this book, I believe.  I love it. No, I adore it. This story is one that I cannot wait to share with my future children, because it encapsulates in it all that is beautiful and good and wonderful about not just childhood but the world.

Imagine yourself an orphan, but living with the most loving scholarly man in the world, who gives you the best out of life, and teaches you what is really genuinely important. Imagine all of that about to be stripped away from you, when, out of sheer luck, you get a lead to the long lost mother you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. And then you’re on the run, on a desperate search for the mother lost so long ago, trying to find her before your time runs out.

That is the mere outer layer of Rooftoppers. There is such beauty in this book. Go read it.

Have you found any True Gems lately? Tell me about them in the comments!


True Gems: Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms

Every once in a while, you read a book that is so beautiful, so breathtaking, that you are never quite the same again after reading them. They change you, even if it is in a subtle way. And you welcome that change, that deep impact, and you keep those books as your dearest treasures. True Gems they are, every one.

My most recently found True Gem is the book Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms by Katherine Rundell.


I found this gem quite by accident while shopping in the clearance section at Half Price Books. Usually, when participating in that activity, I am looking for classics, or a volume to complete a series I am collecting, or a speculative fiction novel I’ve been aching to find and read. I don’t often pick up a book I know nothing about and buy it. But this book just called to me. From the moment I laid eyes on the spine, I knew I had to have it. Then the cover art tickled my happy fancy and lured me in further. By the time I read the description (which reminded me of a lovely friend of mine who grew up in Africa) I was hooked.

This book is nothing short of beautiful. Not disappointed in the least, I was actually far deeper impressed and impacted than I ever expected to be. The story of Will, a wild and free girl growing up on a farm in Africa, is pure and genuine. The author does a masterful job at emotion (and believe me, I mean masterful). I laughed, I cried, I screamed in rage (that last bit was internally, I didn’t want to scare the neighbors), I rooted the entire time for Will to triumph over the ghastly circumstances and people in her life. Whether she does or not, I’m leaving you to find out.

This is a five star book that is simple. But that is what makes it so grand.

Have you read a True Gem lately? What about it put it at the five star place for you?

P.S. Will’s journey through London feels akin to Paddington’s journey through the same, and that just makes me happy.


Why I Went Away, or, My Excuse for 6 Months of Silence

Six months ago, I sounded so optimistic. I thought I knew where this blog was going and what I was going to do with it etc. etc.

And then….


I got engaged!!!

I also began helping with the running of the Faith and Fantasy Alliance blog. Between wedding plans, four jobs, every day life, visits, moving my fiance across the country, and preparation for my soon to be married life, both my writing and my blog were set aside.

However, I have ¬†written a few posts regarding books I’ve recently read that I just really want to share. So I have decided that though the shaping of this blog is going to be very slow indeed, a little trickle is better than none at all for now.

Keep the Wonder.

~Lady A