My Journey into Anime

If you had told me two years ago that I would enjoy Anime, I would have either laughed in your face, been appalled, or ignored you because I was watching a superior live action film.

I hated Anime. I hated the animation style. I thought it was weird. I was never fond of Asian culture.

Enter David, my now husband.

David loves Anime. David loves all things Asian. David wanted to go and live in Japan at one point.

For a long time, he tried to coax me into watching Anime. And I did watch part of Sword Art Online and liked it. But everything else he had me sample I was appalled at.

But, this past year I have changed. In part because I wanted to try to enjoy the things David enjoys, in part because I have a friend who really opened my heart up to other cultures besides Europe. I also had a bit of help from my sister and Avatar the Last Airbender for it’s Asian influences.

When we went to Disney World in November, the Japan section was our favorite spot in Epcot.

And it wasn’t just David’s favorite. It was also my favorite. (Tied with England, though, freely admitting, because England <3)

Between David’s love, my sister’s new found love, and friends love of Anime, I was honestly doomed from the beginning. It just took a while.

Enter two Anime series that pushed me over into the “I love Anime” camp

The Devil is a Part Timer and Life is Still Beautiful

Image Source

Image Source

I rang in the new year while watching The Devil is a Part Timer with my husband and my sister (10/10 recommend above parties or fireworks) This is my kind of story! It’s quirky, it’s funny, it has sweet moments, epic battles, and fast food rivalries.  This is the Anime that really did it for me, that proved that I could actually love this genre, maybe even as much as David.

Life is Still Beautiful I had actually started watching back in April of 2016. David and I watched the first two or three episodes while I was visiting him in Kansas. We stopped there, intending to pick it up when he moved to Kentucky a month later. But we didn’t pick it back up until the day after we finished The Devil is a Part Timer. And I’m glad of that, because I was able to love and appreciate it all the more.

This story is about love in a more interesting form than is usually found in media today. And it handles it in such a beautiful way. This is a story that moved me deeply, in the places of my heart I don’t really have words for.

I never expected all of this.

But I’m quite pleased.

What is something you thought you could never enjoy, but now do? 

Do you have any Anime recommendations for me?


4 thoughts on “My Journey into Anime

  1. sparksofember says:

    I used to love anime but I just haven’t the time to watch it very often. Plus I got pulled into manga and then Asian live-action dramas and decided I like those more most of the time. But my 13-yr-old loves anime so I’m always looking for appropriate things for her to watch. She loves Sailor Moon and Madoka Magic and I’m on a quest to find anime a little less weird and dark for her. I just googled both of these and they look good! I’ll have to check them out and look for the manga, too.

    My recs are older (since I’m not acquainted with newer anime) – Full Moon o Sagashite, Fruits Basket (the manga, though the anime is good, too, but only covers the beginning of the story), Ouran High School Host Club, Fushigi Yugi. But it’s hard to really recommend something without knowing your tastes more.


    • Adrienne Joy Niceley says:

      I have heard of and am intrigued by Ouran High School Host Club. I’ll have to check it out! Honestly, if the story is solid and compelling I’m willing to give it a try.


      • sparksofember says:

        It’s one of my top favorite manga/anime series. Though the anime isn’t as good as the manga – it ends halfway through the story, before most of the depth finally kicked in. But it’s loads of fun.


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