Tale as Old as Time

I sat on my parents’ bed, the time to leave for church fast approaching, watching Belle and Beast as they glided across the floor in their iconic first dance.

Something stirred inside of me then. Something big and beautiful that I didn’t have words for. As I put on my coat a short while later, about to head out the door, I realized that there was a word to describe it: Romance. That feeling, that pull, that longing for it to be me someday. Despite Ariel and Eric deciding my marital goals at an early age (I would of course be marrying a Prince named Eric and changing my name to match the Mermaid’s), it was Belle and Beast who first conveyed to my young heart what a beautiful romance looked like.

I sat in the theater, tears welling in my eyes, hugging my husband’s arm, watching Belle and Beast as they glided across the floor in their first dance. Emma Thompson sang of the “Tale as old as Time”. The room around them burst into sparkles of light as they spun around.

Something stirred inside me then. A deeper understanding now of the type of love that is worth everything, and, perhaps, a breath of a future in which my daughter would watch this scene and feel an awakening inside of her. Perhaps she will grow up to draw inspiration from this story for her wedding. Perhaps I will watch her twirl around a room with her love.


Yes, Beauty and the Beast is a Tale as old as Time.

But more so is what it represents.


Divergent: A Pleasant Surprise

First off, I know this is old news. These books have been out for quite a while now, but I’m not giving a review or anything, just gushing.

I have avoided Divergent since the movies came out and everything I saw about them just made it look like this story was all about steamy teen romance set in a dystopian world trying to be the Hunger Games.

I was wrong.

Divergent sucked me in so hard, that I had it read in two days. I was delighted with this book. So much so I had to write about it here! It is so rare for me to find a YA novel that I really enjoy, that has a romance that doesn’t go into places I don’t care to tread. Really, I am still so impressed with the story and the characters and the romance without sex, and and and…. This book just made me happy (aside from being sad about sad things at the end).

So, there’s a little super delayed fangirl reaction to one of my new favorite YA books.

Is there a book you read thinking you’d be disappointed, and were happily surprised? I’d love to hear about it!

Books of the Month: February Edition

We’ve gotten through two months of 2017! And since January was so full of quality reading, I know you’re thinking I read at least ten books for February, right?




Yes, folks, as you can see… I only finished one book this month. HOWEVER it’s technically two, as I was a beta reader for one of my favorite author’s new books!  But between my husband and I both getting sick twice this month, a host of life issues, and a really slow book as I’ll get into in a minute, the month of reading was just scarce.

But let’s continue along anyway!

Favorite Book of the Month: The one I beta read :3 When it comes out I’ll write a post on it, because trust me, you will love it!

Least Favorite Book of the Month: Dragon Rider.

Why?  I’ve been trying to answer that question for almost a month now. It wasn’t that it was bad… just… kind of boring. It was agonizingly slow, I got tired of it, and really didn’t care much about any of the characters (except for Twigleg and maybe that’s why I kept reading)  There was a rather large question that went unanswered, and that bugged me greatly.  I don’t know.  Perhaps it was merely the writers style that I disliked and that made it so hard to slog through. Whatever it was, this book only made it to 2 stars in my opinion.

Due to there only being two books, one of which I really can’t reveal any information about, we’ll skip doing our brief bullet point overviews this time. But be on the lookout next month for a recap of March! It’s already shaping up to be far more wordy than February (I’m halfway through a novel as we speak!)

What about you? How many books did you read in February? Let me know in the comments!