What’s With the Silence?

So. I’ve been absent a while here, mainly due to my annual trek to Kansas for the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop, and then the week of recovery that must happen afterwards. And the week before in which you run around like crazy trying to prepare.

This year, the Workshop’s theme was Writers of the Lost Art and wow. It was such an incredible blessing to be there. I got to watch newbies experience their first workshop and find the belonging and familial relationships that I have. I got to lead a critique group again which was a ton of fun. And I got to hang with my dear old friends who I love more and more as time goes by.

The learning times were rich as well! I came home bursting with creative drive and energy and I’ve been marching forth in it, getting some very exciting things together.

I now display for you my cosplays that I enjoyed putting together for the week:





Princess Leia (ft. my dear friend Kelly as Dad Vader) Photo Credit: Nadine Brandes


Fem!Clark Kent (ft. Peter Parker/Spiderman aka my sister) Photo Credit: Carrol Schwabauer


Princess Allura from Voltron: Legendary Defenders. Along with my Space Children! And enemy.

I think that gives you a general idea of how great a time it was 🙂

Life never stops, though, and it’s been throwing curve balls thick and fast this week. So if I’m a little more silent than I used to be, just know that that is probably the reason why. But never fear! I’ll be back soon with Books of the Month, an update on my published flash fiction, and a sneak peek at some business endeavors.

Until next time, Love Strong everyone.