Divergent: A Pleasant Surprise

First off, I know this is old news. These books have been out for quite a while now, but I’m not giving a review or anything, just gushing.

I have avoided Divergent since the movies came out and everything I saw about them just made it look like this story was all about steamy teen romance set in a dystopian world trying to be the Hunger Games.

I was wrong.

Divergent sucked me in so hard, that I had it read in two days. I was delighted with this book. So much so I had to write about it here! It is so rare for me to find a YA novel that I really enjoy, that has a romance that doesn’t go into places I don’t care to tread. Really, I am still so impressed with the story and the characters and the romance without sex, and and and…. This book just made me happy (aside from being sad about sad things at the end).

So, there’s a little super delayed fangirl reaction to one of my new favorite YA books.

Is there a book you read thinking you’d be disappointed, and were happily surprised? I’d love to hear about it!