Wow, Gone Again…

Hi tiny corner of the world! Yeah, I’ve neglected the blog again. To be perfectly honest, I’m in a stage of transition in a lot of areas in life and this blog wants to be one of them but I don’t have the time right now to nurture it properly.

Does that mean it is dead? No. It’s just on a temporary hiatus until I can figure out what direction it really needs to go in/what I can personally handle in my ever shifting sands of life.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this excuse post, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon 🙂

Until then, Love Strong!


Books of the Month: June Edition

Yes, I am quite late getting this post out, but, as I warned you in the previous post, life happened.

This isn’t really an amazing post either. I only completely read one book in June…

The Lost Girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill



I read this book in one day. I sat down intending to read two, maybe three chapters at 2 PM. I took a brief break to make and eat a quick supper around 4:30 PM, went straight back to reading, and looked up at 9 PM and was amazed to find that the world was still going on with life as normal. That is how incredible this book was.

Stephanie sucks you into the world of her Heroine, Piper, and does not let you go. It’s an exciting, romantic, gripping mystery – kind of like Nancy Drew in 20’s Chicago only way better. I cannot recommend this book enough, and I am so proud to own it.


This post is a little off the beaten path of my normal Books of the Month, but hopefully when we look back at July we’ll have more structure and tradition. Until then, Love Strong my friends!

Did you read any books in June? What was your favorite? 

What’s With the Silence?

So. I’ve been absent a while here, mainly due to my annual trek to Kansas for the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop, and then the week of recovery that must happen afterwards. And the week before in which you run around like crazy trying to prepare.

This year, the Workshop’s theme was Writers of the Lost Art and wow. It was such an incredible blessing to be there. I got to watch newbies experience their first workshop and find the belonging and familial relationships that I have. I got to lead a critique group again which was a ton of fun. And I got to hang with my dear old friends who I love more and more as time goes by.

The learning times were rich as well! I came home bursting with creative drive and energy and I’ve been marching forth in it, getting some very exciting things together.

I now display for you my cosplays that I enjoyed putting together for the week:





Princess Leia (ft. my dear friend Kelly as Dad Vader) Photo Credit: Nadine Brandes


Fem!Clark Kent (ft. Peter Parker/Spiderman aka my sister) Photo Credit: Carrol Schwabauer


Princess Allura from Voltron: Legendary Defenders. Along with my Space Children! And enemy.

I think that gives you a general idea of how great a time it was 🙂

Life never stops, though, and it’s been throwing curve balls thick and fast this week. So if I’m a little more silent than I used to be, just know that that is probably the reason why. But never fear! I’ll be back soon with Books of the Month, an update on my published flash fiction, and a sneak peek at some business endeavors.

Until next time, Love Strong everyone.


Books of the Month: May Edition

Hi guys! Meesa back!

It’s been a while, I know, but May proved full to bursting with a lot of life, and I had to draw my attention to it instead of blogging and a great many other things. One of those things was, alas, reading.

Book read this month:

  1. The Strictest School in the World by Howard Whitehouse

Yes, this is yet another one book month (I have been reading through another book at the same time, but it isn’t finished yet, so it doesn’t count). But considering all that went on this month, finishing just one book is a huge accomplishment, so I am still celebrating!


Favorite Book of the Month: The Strictest School in the World

Why? Well apart from it being the only book I read, this book was a gem. Full of delightful quirks and a cast of charming and odd characters, The Strictest School in the World is exactly the kind of book I love to read. It’s funny with humor that not many people will latch onto, but that I find good for my soul. This one is definitely a keeper, and if you love stories about children trying to escape horrid schools, loving rich aunts who make earthworm sandwiches, and Princesses from possibly made up countries, then you definitely need to check this one out. Spoilers: It’s the first in a series, so, be warned. You’ll probably end up reading all three. I know I am.

Rating for this book was a solid 4.5 stars.


Well, that’s all for May, I’m afraid. I’m hoping to come back and give you a glimpse of some of the wonders I experienced during the month, but until then I must say farewell as I prepare to update Rollicking Through Life (where you can get far more than a glimpse if you are interested).

Until then, farewell!

Did you read any good books in May? Are you looking forward to any Summer Reads? 

Books of the Month: April Edition

Here we are again looking over the books I read in a month. I’m afraid the number is not as impressive as last time’s, but life has a habit of sucking reading time away. Or is that Facebook that does that? Hmm….

Books read this month:

  1. Fable Weaver by Carlie Gernhart
  2. The House on the Gulf by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  3. Claim to Fame by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  4. Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Yes, another Haddix month. I mean, when they are all on the shelf together and you’re working through reading all on that shelf it’s kind of unavoidable. But I digress.


Favorite Book of the Month: Claim to Fame

Why?  I think it was the most well written, and you can really see how Haddix grew as an author when you compare Running out of Time to Claim to Fame.  I also was intrigued by the concept, how she wove the story together, and the character of Lindsey. While this was I think aimed a bit more to YA, it wasn’t so focused on what YA normally is focused on and almost had a bit of a Mid Grade feel. But I actually enjoyed that balance of styles. The character of Lindsey was one of the best MCs of Haddix’s that I have read.

Least Favorite Book of the Month: Running Out of Time

Why? It wasn’t that this book was bad in any way, it was actually a great Mid Grade/almost YA read. But there are some parts that are a little disjointed and felt that they didn’t flow quite as well. Also some telling that I ended up skimming over so I could get back to the action and interesting bits.

A Quick Look at the Other Books: 

Fable Weaver

  • Rating: 3 stars
  • Thoughts: Finally, after seven years of being an OYANer, I have read Fable Weaver! This novel was written by a fellow One Year Adventure Novel student – one of the original live class group – and was published by Clear Water Press as an example of a student’s exceptional work.  For her first novel, Carlie did an incredible job! The story is imaginative, fun, quirky, and emotional.
  • Favorite Moment: Meeting Merlin

The House on the Gulf

  • Rating: 4 stars
  • Thoughts: This novel was actually really really good. It just about tied with Claim to Fame as my favorite of this month. What I really loved about this story was how Haddix really transported me to Florida. I could feel the heat, see the houses, smell the baked goods of the neighbor lady.  And the mystery was really intriguing and took twists I did not expect. Overall this one was a real winner.
  • Favorite Moment: When all the pieces of the puzzle came together and you just sit there in shock and horror at the mess.

And that wraps things up for April! I’m not really sure I’ll have much of an impressive post at all for May. I’ll be lucky to finish the one book I’m into right now.  I’ll be wrapped up in story, but they will be stories of my own creation. May is writing month, and I’m very excited about that. But don’t worry! I’ll come back strong in reading after that.

Did you read any books in April? What was your favorite?

Whirlwind of Events

You may have noticed I did not blog last week. I almost wasn’t going to this week, but I figured I would give a quick life update and explanation as to the absence of posts.

Last weekend I traveled to Cincinnati to The Great Homeschool Conventions Midwest where I proudly represented The One Year Adventure Novel in the vendor hall. I’ll be posting about that over at Rollicking Through Life later on this or next week. For now, here’s a low quality picture:



After that incredible weekend I was prepared to really get back into the swing of normal life things. But my Monday had other plans…

I got an email from Splickety Magazine and it turns out one of my short stories has been accepted for publication in their May issue (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!).

And then I got a text asking if I’d work another convention down in ORLANDO next month on my birthday weekend at a convention center that is FIFTEEN MINUTES FROM DISNEY WORLD.

So now my week is filled with meticulous planning, plotting, and editing, much to the woe of my messy apartment.

Looks like my husband is going to win the bet that I will not have it all clean by Friday….